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  • Advanced Contouring
  • Deformation
  • Dose Adaptive
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  • TG132 Ready
  • Deformable QA
  • DICOM Deformation
  • Virtual Phantoms


OSL Inc supplies two unique software products to oncology centers in the United States; OnQ rts and ImSimQA.

OnQ rts®


The OnQ rts® software has been designed to make life easier for busy clinical workloads where advanced imaging and radiation practice is performed.


ImSimQA™ software is unique. ImSimQA was developed due to the limitations of hard phantoms for testing modern radiation therapy and imaging software system.

ImSimQA is TG132 ready.

Latest news

AAPM 58th Annual Meeting


Jul 31st - August 4th. Join OSL Inc. at the annual AAPM meeting, booth #3044

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